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Our Current Commitment To “Green”

Our Current Commitment To “Green” Includes;

  • We purchase recycled copy paper, we re-use one sided paper for internal use.
  • We turn lights off in areas that are not in use.
  • Many guest rooms are equipped with motion sensors which regulate HVAC to occupied areas only.
  • We use CFL bulbs in many of our light fixtures.
  • Many of our motors are variable speed to operate as demand requires.
  • We change guest bed linens on demand, and not daily unless specifically requested to do so.
  • We bundle and recycle cardboard.
  • We recycle used fats and oils.
  • We use pest elimination services in a micro-manner, versus the macro style of general use of chemicals.
  • We purchase equipment with a focus on efficiency, like our new refrigerators in the culinary areas.
  • We use the stairs and avoid the elevators when practical.
  • Our recent renovation included the recycling of many items no longer useful to the hotel, such as carpet and furniture.
  • We return empty toner cartridges to the vendor for reuse.
  • We change filters regularly on HVAC equipment to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.

June, 2008

For More Information Contact:
Marissa Mastellone/Louise O’Brien/Tonya Fleetwood
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